The Miss Buffalo Scholarship Organization is very proud of our 2017 Miss Niagara

Bridget Avery

Crown for the 2017 Miss Buffalo New York Competition

Bridget Avery is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology earning Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering-Aerospace.  Her educational aspirations include earning an Master of Science and encouraging other young women to pursue STEM careers.  The Miss Buffalo Scholarship competition is happy to help her reach these goals.


How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations?

“I come from a family that has always stressed the idea of working hard for what I want. This has carried over into college, from being accepted into a very selective college, to finding internships that will give me experience in my field. My extended family also has a high concentration of engineers, which explains why I am so passionate about engineering and STEM careers.”

What are some interesting facts about you?

“I am a competitive Irish dancer. I’m the only sibling out of four to pursue a STEM career. I am proficient in basic American Sign Language.”


Of all the ways you could succeed in your life, why have you chosen to succeed in the Miss America Competition?

“I have chosen to succeed in the Miss America Competition because I value the idea that women can be successful in so many different ways regardless of their background. Through the scholarship point of the crown I am given the opportunity to attend my dream school, and through the service point of the crown I am able to bring about change in my community for causes that I am very passionate about.”

What Social issue, other than your platform, will have the greatest impact on your generation and why?

“I think the prevalence of social media will have the greatest impact on my generation. What it has already done to shape our relationships and the ways we communicate has set us apart from previous generations both for the better and worse. While social media is an amazing way to stay in touch with what is going on in the world and keeping in touch with friends and family, the recurring question is always “how much information is too much?”

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